2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 23, 2024  
2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Sciences Concentration - Biological Sciences (6214)

Concentration in Health Sciences (6214). This concentration is restricted to students pursuing a 3+1 program in pharmacy at an approved college of pharmacy with which UT Martin maintains an articulation agreement. Please consult with an advisor or the Pre-Health Science coordinator for a current list of participating pharmacy programs. A student accepted into an accredited doctoral program in pharmacy may receive a Bachelor of Science degree from UT Martin with a Major in Biology and a concentration in Health Sciences. The 3+1 program is a degree path designed to combine three years of undergraduate course work (a minimum of 94 credit hours)-including all general education requirements (54 or 55 credit hours), required course work for the major (detailed below) and pharmacy school prerequisites (a total of 40 credit hours)-with one year of pharmacy school. 

Required Courses

Pharmacy School Requirement (30 hours)

To fulfill the pharmacy school requirement, a student will:

  • Submit a letter to the Pre-Professional Coordinator upon acceptance into an approved pharmacy school doctoral program stating his or her intent to complete the Health Sciences concentration.
  • Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of pharmacy course work in the first year of pharmacy school with a minimum grade of C.
  • Request a transcript of the completed pharmacy course work to be sent to the Office of the Registrar. Course work will be reviewed and applied to the student’s record thereafter.

Note:  Students in the Health Sciences concentration must meet all eligibility and residency requirements in their catalog of record, and/or as specified or necessitated by the 3+1 articulation agreement. Participation in the 3+1 program does not ensure admission to pharmacy school. Students who wish to complete a traditional four-year B.S. degree prior to entering pharmacy school should pursue one of the standard Biology concentrations.

If the student does not enter a pharmacy school after three years at UT Martin, he/she may complete a degree by completing one of the other three concentrations in the Biology major to best meet his/her interests. Please consult with an academic advisor for more information and assistance.