2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog - R 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog - R

Phone Directory

Academic Affairs, Division of 731-881-7010
Academic Records, Office of 731-881-7050
Admissions, Office of  731-881-7020
Agriculture and Applied Sciences, College of  731-881-7250
Athletics, Office of Intercollegiate 731-881-7660
Boling University Center 731-881-7755
Bursar’s Office 731-881-7810
Business and Global Affairs, College of 731-881-7306
Business Services, Office of 731-881-7815
Campus Recreation, Office of 731-881-7745
Chancellor, Office of the 731-881-7500
Computer Store 731-881-7879
Digital Printing Services 731-881-7842
Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences, College of 731-881-7125
Engineering and Natural Sciences, College of 731-881-7380
Finance and Administration, Division of  731-881-7800
Financial Aid and Scholarships, Office of 731-881-7040
Global Education and Experience, Center for 731-881-1023
Graduate Studies, Office of 731-881-7012
HelpDesk 731-881-7900
Housing, Office of 731-881-7730
Human Resources, Office of 731-881-7845
Humanities and Fine Arts, College of 731-881-7490
Information Technology Services, Office of 731-881-7890
International Programs and International Admissions, Office of 731-881-7340
Library Services, Office of (Paul Meek Library) 731-881-7065
Margaret N Perry Children’s Center 731-881-7715
Office of Disability Servies 731-881-7195
Online Programs, Office of  731-881-7021
Public Safety, Department of 731-881-7777
Regional Centers, Office of  731-881-7080
Student Affairs, Division of 731-881-7700
Student Health and Counseling Services, Office of 731-881-7750
Student Life, Office of 731-881-7755
Student Success Center 731-881-7744
University Advancement, Division of 731-881-7626
University Bookstore 731-881-7760
University Honors Programs, Office of 731-881-7436
University Relations, Office of 731-881-7615
UTM Testing Center 731-881-7727

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